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3 Reasons Ten Degrees Rings Are Right for You

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Welcome! If you’ve landed here, we’re hoping it’s because you love our rings. However, you may be wondering what makes Ten Degrees different and right for you.

That’s a great question! Ten Degrees blends aspects of ring design and meditation to embrace life with wonder, gratitude, and growth to allow you to come as you are and evolve into who you want to become.


Our rings are completely customizable.

The customizable aspect of Ten Degrees rings means that you are the artist. By selecting your own base and spinner rings, you are creating something personal that speaks to you. From beautiful bases to delicate spinners, you can use the interchangeable parts to express yourself and shift with your changing narrative. Show the world that you are constantly transforming, changing, and growing daily. Tell your own unique story.

Our jewelry styles are modern.

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Not only are stackable rings en vogue, but they are timeless, stylish, and unique to the individual who chooses each piece within the design. However, the jewelry you wear daily should make you feel beautiful and allow your authenticity to shine through. Ten Degrees beautifully combines high-quality materials with modern design to give you confidence as you wear our luxurious pieces in daily life. Elevate the everyday by wearing a ring that encompasses you as a whole. Your uniqueness deserves to be celebrated.


Our spinners are therapeutic.

Daily schedules, family, and life, in general, can leave us with a need for peace. When a trying day or busy week tests you, take a moment to breathe while twirling our stress-relieving spinners. Having a private, comforting way to pause and relieve mental and emotional strain throughout your day can help you find that inner peace. Not every day is perfect, and Ten Degrees helps make your days better as you connect and find that moment of mediation and ease.

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Fall in love with telling your story with pieces that evolve with you.