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Feeling anxious and stressed? We are here to help.

Anxiety is normal and is our body’s response to stress. Life would be simpler if we had an easy way to help calm ourselves during these times.


Here are 4 ways meditation rings can help.


1. Meditation rings are known to benefit, help you connect with yourself, process these emotions, promote calmness, relaxation, and an increased ability to cope.


2. Meditation rings also referred to as spinner rings, are a group of rings that freely spin over a base ring, creating fluid movement in each piece. The spinning motion is designed to reduce anxiety and bring about a peaceful state of mind, helps focus our attention and ground our inner thoughts. Spinner rings have been used for centuries to help soothe the soul and quiet the mind.


3. Use your ring to help during your meditation. To meditate with your ring, find a calm and relaxing environment. Quietly sit and gently rotate the center bands between your fingers while taking in deep breaths. Associate your spinning with something that calms you, an event, thought or action. Focus your thoughts while continuing to rotate the bands. Breathe. Relax. Spin.


4. Channel your energy using Ten Degrees Spin + Style rings for meditation. Contemplate, meditate, and relieve tension with each rotation of the spinners relaxing your mind, body, and soul. The repetitive motion of the spinning bands helps move you past the anxiety and guides you into the present, bringing comfort and promoting mental balance.


The more you practice this association, the stronger the association will become. Eventually, you will naturally reach a point when merely spinning the ring will bring you a more immediate sense of calm and strength.


Ten Degrees Spin + Style rings are unlike any other meditation rings as they are unique interchangeable rings with endless design possibilities. Navigating life’s story without limits with meaningful, customizable jewelry.


Breathe. Relax. Spin.