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People around the world are falling in love with Ten Degrees Jewelry

No matter where we are in the world, there are common threads that connect us all.

There is the yearning for loved ones, the desire to create community, and the longing to find ourselves. Each of us has a story begging to be told, and Ten Degrees will stay by your side every step of the way.


Jewelry impacts us both personally and professionally.

For many of us, our personal and professional life offers meaning. A luxurious ring can enhance any outfit, and become a conversation piece. You deserves to wear a stunning piece of elegant jewelry crafted with your uniqueness in mind.


Wearing Ten Degrees rings is a calming experience.

Quality spinner rings are known to help calm anxiety and impacts you day while speaking to the heart of the wearer. Knowing that a ring is thoughtfully designed and constructed to last instantly elevates and transforms each moment.


Jewelry reflects who you are and your journey.

Accessories are the perfect capstone to an outfit, and that positivity reminds you of how far you've come! Congratulations for reaching your goals, no matter how big or small.


Ten Degrees rings help you feel centred, calm and confident.

Having a beautiful finishing touch gives you the confidence you needs throughout your daily life. Whether at work, celebrating with friends, or relaxing at home, every moment deserves the self-confidence that Ten Degrees provides.


Jewelry, especially rings, become sentimental pieces.

Accessories that stand the test of time become part of daily life and help recall special moments. A ring becomes a part of your story, and can be pass down to future generations.


Designer Anxiety Spinner Rings

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