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Wear your country colors

Loyalty and Liberty Rings

Let us celebrate Canada Day and Independence Day together! 

If you have been following us, you know we love to customize rings for every outfit and occasion. With Canada Day and Independence Day just around the corner how do you show your country pride? Jewelry?!?


Wearing your colors is the primary way we say “we stand with you” to our country.  






Wearing your country colors help you connect with strangers to untie communities and countries. It’s a way of taking your team spirit to the next level. There is something about wearing your country or team colors that bind you together. 



Through customizable pieces and interchangeable parts, each ring is made to shift with your changing narrative. You are not stagnant. You are constantly growing, changing, feeling, and transforming.


When you put on a ring that encompasses all of you, you can shine, knowing that your authenticity deserves to be celebrated.

Each piece is fully customizable and interchangeable, encouraging you to grow and shift, knowing that your jewelry is right there with you.