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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your rings help with anxiety?

Yes! Try using your Spinner Ring in a meditative manner:

  1. Remove your attention from your environment and focus solely on the beauty of your Spinner Ring

  2. Gentle spin its internal rings until you achieve a sense of calm, centeredness and grounding

  3. Combine your breath with the way you spin your ring; for example:

inhale – spin, hold – spin, exhale – spin; hold – spin

Then turn your attention to your mind and body and notice your improved calmness, better sleep, creativity, decision-making, and emotional well-being.

How can I sell Ten Degrees jewelry in my boutique?

Thank you for your interest? Please fill out our online wholesale application and we will respond within 48 hours. Here's the link:

My ring doesn't fit, can I exchange for a different size?

Yes! We are dedicated to our customer service and providing the most positive shopping experience. Please contact us by email at within 14 days of delivery and we will be happy to assist you.

I'm not sure of my size, how do I measure my finger?

That's easy! We have a online size measurement tool to help. Use the below link and take a ring that fits your finger of choice, place drivers license or credit card on display, resize the cards image then place your ring on the display and find the matching circle. For Ten Degrees rings we suggest sizing up 1 as our rings are slightly wider.

Why didn't I receive an email confirmation when I ordered?

Good for you for keeping your inbox safe with a tough spam filter. Although our emails are not spam, please check your spam folder. If you don't see our email, please email us at and we'd be happy to help!

Do you have stores where I can try on the jewelry?

Yes, please check our list of retailer on our website. Here's the link:

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I forgot to use the coupon code, can I still have it applied to my order?

Yes! Please email us at and we'd be happy to apply the coupon for you.

Why am I seeing double charges to my credit card?

Not to worry, this only shows when your is pending. Once your order clears with your bank then you will notice you have only been charged once.

How do I clean my Ten Degrees jewelry?

We recommend simply washing in a mixture of warm water and mild liquid detergent.

How do I keep my Ten Degrees jewelry looking beautiful?

We recommend removing your jewelry before showering, swimming, bathing or hot tubs. Avoid contact with agents such as hand sanitizers, lotions, hair, beauty and cleaning products.